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The Code of Conduct clarifies the standards of behaviour that are expected of staff of P&C Fencing PTY LTD in the performance of their duties. It gives guidance in areas where staff are required to make personal and ethical decisions. The Code does not seek to encompass all possible scenarios arising in employment with P&C Fencing PTY LTD however, it provides a set of principles to guide staff on acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

P&C Fencing is committed to the highest standards of conduct in Sales, Support, Management, Production and Installation. To meet this commitment, P&C Fencing has issued this single Code of Conduct to cover all departmental sectors and to more closely align staff conduct with the organisational values and ethics that underpin the policies and procedures of P&C Fencing.

Code of Conduct

  • Staff will uphold, protect and enhance the dignity and integrity of the P&C Fencing PTY LTD brand, image and reputation at all times, to clients, suppliers, the public, the media and fellow colleagues alike.
  • The personal behaviour of staff will not bring discredit to P&C Fencing PTY LTD, to the work performed by P&C Fencing PTY LTD or to fellow staff members. Any complaints or problems about practices at any level should be discussed with the identified employee and appropriate investigation/grievance procedures will be followed, as required.
  • Staff will remain proficient in their practice and the performance of their duties. Staff will not undertake work beyond their capacity or competence.
  • Staff will ensure that they do not put at risk themselves or their colleagues by allowing equipment, plant and vehicles to lapse in service, become unsafe or generally function in any way that compromises the safety of others or their selves.
  • Staff will distinguish clearly between statements and actions made as a private individual and as a representative of P&C Fencing PTY LTD.
  • Staff will not exploit work relationships for professional gain or profit. Staff will not exploit clients or suppliers for personal advantage, nor solicit employees of P&C Fencing PTY LTD for activities resulting in personal gain.
  • Under no circumstances will staff engage in sexual activities with clients receiving services from or suppliers providing services to P&C Fencing PTY LTD.
  • Staff, paid or unpaid, shall disclose any personal relations that may present a conflict of interest.
  • Staff will not use their position to promote personal, political, religious or business loyalty.
  • Staff will not practice, condone, facilitate or collaborate with any form of discrimination on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, marital status or other conditions or status.
  • Staff will treat colleagues with respect, courtesy, fairness and good faith. Where serious disagreements cannot be resolved, they will be addressed as outlined in the grievance procedure.
  • Staff will respect the right of clients to privacy, and will similarly respect the confidences shared by colleagues in the course of their professional relationships and transactions.
  • Staff will be responsible and vigorous in discussion and critical review of their delivery of service, participating in outcome focused discussion and evaluation of their own and others work. Where applicable, the delivery of services will not proceed without the informed consent of the client/customer. This involves explaining the nature, purpose, costs, alternatives and possible complications of a service, for example, where the Duty of Care overrides confidentiality in the event of illegal or life threatening matters.
  • Any comments made to the media including comment made on the conditions of the local area, people or service issues will be carefully considered, and where appropriate, referred to the James Mannah (Managing Director).
  • Both staff and volunteers are prohibited from acting in any capacity while under the influence of any mind altering substance including alcohol.
  • Staff who have responsibility for employing and evaluating the performance of other staff members will act in a fair, considerate and just manner, performing evaluations on clearly enunciated criteria.
  • All staff are bound by both the ethical and legal aspects of confidentiality, and will be required to sign their acceptance of our Privacy Policy.
  • Staff will not accept money or gifts of substance from clients/customers.
  • Staff will not use the assets of P&C Fencing PTY LTD for their personal benefit or gain.