RTA Pedestrian Safety Fencing

RTA Pedestrian Safety Fencing is a type of specialised fencing designed by the RTA to improve Pedestrian safety on NSW roads.

RTA Pedestrian Fencing prohibits pedestrians from crossing a road at a midpoint, and instead forces them to cross at traffic lights safely at the designated area.

This is a significantly cheaper option for safe pedestrian through-fare than concrete pedestrian overpass bridges or the installation of additional traffic lights.

The RTA specifies 5 types of RTA Pedestrian Fencing, ranging from Type 1 through to Type 5, and several embellishment options are available.


Type 1-6:

Height:Variable - to be specified
Configurations:Verge or Median
Embellishment:Circles - 1-3
Caps:Cross Break or Sphere
Rakes:5% max for Baseplate
10% max for Concrete
Footing:Concrete or Baseplate
Finish:Hot-Dipped Galvanized