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Why choose Us?
RTA Pedestrian Fencing

RTA Pedestrian Safety Fencing is a type of specialised fencing designed by the RTA to improve Pedestrian safety on NSW roads. RTA Pedestrian Fencing prohibits pedestrians from crossing a road at a midpoint, and instead forces them to cross at traffic lights safely at the designated area.

This is a significantly cheaper option for safe pedestrian through-fare than concrete pedestrian overpass bridges or the installation of additional traffic lights. The RTA standard specifies 5 types of RTA Pedestrian Fencing, ranging from Type 1 through to Type 5, although Type 1 is far and large the most common model. This fencing is hot-dip galvanized to provide a strong, anti-corrosion coating to protect the steel from the elements, giving it a long lifespan.

  • Conforms to RMS/RTA Specifications
  • Experienced installation teams available for night-works
  • Hot-dip galvanized with optional powder-coat finish
  • Posts available to suit in-ground or baseplate styles
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